Aboard the U.S.S No Light

Read the whole story here AboardTheUSSNoLight

Admirals Log
Star Date 2010.246

I began my inspection of the U.S.S No Light, to ensure it’s crew is up for it’s maiden voyage, I’ve personally met many of it’s officers. Thus far I have met with some of the senior officers and a few of the junior officers.

This morning I met with Major Mae. I have faith in the Majors abilities and I have full confidence she will ensure the security of the U.S.S NoLight. I certainly look forward to working with her and her ‘Ban Hammer’ in the near future.At lunch I met with Lieutenant Iki, our head chef, along with Commanders Koby and Ballard. Koby informed me that our medical supply is insufficient for our voyage, and I have redirected his request to supply. The Lieutenant certainly takes an unusual approach to cooking, one that I find is much more preferable to a replicator.

I also inspected Commander Ballard’s Agriculture this afternoon, he and Lieutenant Iki have plenty of garlic crops growing and in storage ready to combat the Twilitian menace. Indeed I hope that is true, for when the time comes, we will need every single method known to us to defeat them.

This evening I had the pleasure of meeting our youngest crew member, and our pilot: Ensign Leki. he’s a delightful young lad, and ready for anything. If the rumours about his piloting skills are true he’ll be a wonderful addition to the U.S.S No Light’s crew.

Tomorrow I have plans to meet the Engineering Department, Special Operations and a man I have seen walking around in a hat that is definitly NOT regulation.

Until the Twilitian Menace has been exterminated we shall boldly move forward.

~Admiral Shazi of the Anti-Twilight Movement.



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