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-xxXo Chapter One oXxx-


My name is Roy and I’m in love.

Her name is Lucy, she has beautiful black hair, brown eyes and a voice sweeter than an angel’s.

“Roy what kind of ice cream do you want?”

Her attitude towards life was unparalleled.

“Roy are you listening to me?”

Right now we’re at Seventh Heaven ice creamery getting ice cream.

“Roy, I will hit you if you don’t answer me in five seconds”

Seventh heaven was certainly a worth while description of how I felt when I was with Lucy. This ice creamery has got to be my favourite place to be at the moment.

“3, 2-“

Probably because-

“Ow Lucy!” I complained after she thwacked me on the head.

“You weren’t listening to me,” she shrugged, “What kind of ice cream do you want?” she asked.

“Chocolate” I replied, she nodded and went to the counter to order. Damn, she made me lose my train of thought.

… I remember! I’m in love with Lucy.

She’s perfect. She makes me laugh, she makes me happy, and she buys me ice cream.

“You owe me a dollar,” Lucy handed me a chocolate ice cream.

Alright, so she’s not perfect, but I still love her. We’ve been dating for months now and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

“Roy, if you don’t eat that you owe me two,” Lucy pointed to my ice cream.

It was when I started eating my ice cream I noticed three people enter the shop. In particular a small girl with green eyes.

“Are you checking her out?” Lucy asked, she didn’t look to happy.

“Of course not.” I replied. Truth be told I was, she was gorgeous. I had to listen to their conversation to catch this girls name.

“James, this was an awesome idea y’know.” the tall guy said to the shorter guy. I didn’t want their names, I wanted hers.

“What flavour meat head?” James asked his friend.

“Banana,” he replied. James and the girl rolled their eyes.

“Rosa?” James asked her. Her name was Rosa. I liked it, it suited her nicely.

“Chocolate,” she replied curtly. We even had the same taste in ice cream.

God, what am I thinking? Lucy’s right here with me, and she bought me this delicious, magnificent ice cream…

That I owed her a dollar for, But whatever, I love Lucy, she’s beautiful.

“I think I have gas,” Lucy said.

Yep beautiful in every way.



Roy and his best friend Leo were sitting on the beach, currently discussing the women in their lives.

“Honestly, I think you should go for it.” Roy told Leo.

“You think?” Leo squirmed. He always got nervous when talking about Sam.

“You and Sam are made for each other.” Roy assured him.

“I guess,” He bit his lip, “What about you and Lucy?” He changed the subject.

“We’re going great.” Roy replied. There was a long pause

“No problems?” Leo was trying to get something out of Roy.

“None.” Roy replied.

“At all?” Leo prompted


There was another pause. Leo obviously didn’t believe Roy. He knew him much better then that and could see straight through his lie.

“I saw another girl,” Roy caved.

“As in slept with her or just checked her out?” Leo asked for clarification.

“Checked her out.” Roy replied. He looked really guilty about it too.

“So what, you only checked her out, big deal” Leo shrugged. “surpriseingly enough, I check out girls all the time”

“Yes but you don’t have a girlfriend but. See, just looking at her made me think of her like I think of Lucy” Roy explained. Leo looked blankly for a minute.

“That’s not good,” Leo shook his head.

“What am I going to do?” Roy put his head in his hands.

“Avoid her and stay with Lucy.” Leo said simply. Roy gave him a look from under his hair. “You and Lucy make relationship stuff look easy, don’t ruin it Roy.”

“I’ll try not to” Roy said.

“Atta boy,” Leo patted Roy on the back.






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