Personal Update

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I have plans for new stories after I post the one I’ve started and give you the status of each story.

  • Aboard the U.S.S No Light: Story itself was completed last year, posting will be frequent
  • Lucy: Story was completed some time ago, posting will be frequent
  • Not Time Yet: up to chapter 5 drafted, Posting will be slow
  • Aishod: Part of a challenge to write 20,000-50,000 words in two months, should be completed by then

Stories to come:

  • The United People for Proper Entertainment: Sequel to Aboard the U.S.S No Light and posting will begun when No Light is fully posted (incomeplete)
  • Sketchbook Girl: A Story I wrote a long time ago, I plan on revising the whole thing and adding bits and pieces before I start posting it
  • Untitled Sequel: Been wanting to write a sequel to sketchbook girl but I never had anything decent to work with, but it will be done!
  • Untitled many of things: I have ideas, but they need to be refined before I start writing them. Who knows, the two month challenges might kick me into gear and get some work happening.

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