Red Tear Drop – Ideas

A bunch of people have been marked by a red tear drop, a mark known to belong to a demon. they begin travelling to converge in the one place. each one of them chosen to create a gateway for the demon to come into the human world. none of them are aware of why they are travelling to this place until they arrive.

Lance was marked under his left eye with a small mark.

Rory was marked on his hat (being an animated puppet, it is part of his body)

Atunta was marked over his left eye

Klash over his right eye, he and Atunta are twins

Winter was marked on her right thigh

Vincent on his back

Alyssa was marked on her chest, she is blind but can see it with her minds eye as it pulsated evil.

Shuno was marked on her right foot, she was also brought back from the dead to complete the gateway

Astrid is lance’s mother and was not marked

Ediel was not marked but searches for someone important to her that was.

note: this is just here for storage so I don’t lose the idea


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