The Girl In My Head

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Monday Morning

Cody woke in the morning to his alarm. It was another day in his empty house. No parents to help him with homework or cook him breakfast. Not that he ate it anymore.

He rolled off the couch, where he’d been sleeping since his parent left a month ago, and headed to the bathroom. He closed his eyes as he passed his parents room. The door was still closed, Cody hadn’t wanted to open it to see since he received the note telling him that they’d gone.

Reaching the bathroom, Cody turned the shower on and stepped in. The water blasted over his shoulders loudly, and echoed all through the house.

He trudged back down the corridor to his own room to fetch his school clothes with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Remember to eat something Cody.

Cody stopped dead. He looked around him to see where the person who spoke was, but could find no one. He shrugged and put his clothes on and headed to the front door.

Cody you need to eat.

Cody stopped again, Unsure of what was going on.
“Hello?” he called out, feeling very stupid calling out to the air.

I’m here Cody

The voice replied, he couldn’t find what direction it was coming from.

“Where are you?” Cody asked. Feeling somewhat less stupid knowing something was responding to him.

I don’t really matter Cody, just go and eat something

Cautiously Cody went back to the kitchen and made himself some breakfast and ate it before he finally left the house for school.


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