The United Peoples for Proper Entertainment – Unfinished

This story is incomplete, Read everything that has been written here. UPPE

Chapter 1

Shazi traversed the corridors of the U.P.P.E central star base. Several of her crew were currently pending assignment to new ships in the fleet, the U.S.S Firesta, captained by her former crew member and fellow Twilitian war veteran Captain Ren and the U.S.S Khronicle which was still under construction under the command of Captain Raz.

She arrived at a large window and watched some of the modifications being made to her ship the U.S.S No Light. Poetic and Botzz had been working with Shade and a new member of the U.P.P.E Kusa to improve many aspects of the Flagship. Since it’s maiden voyage more than a year ago, she was ready for upgrade and repairs.

“Admiral Shazi” Shazi was startled by Captain Raz.

“Captain,” she said politely.

“The Khronicle is ready for inspections ma’am,” he saluted. “Though her crew is still incomplete, how goes the reassignment?”

“Still working on it captain, I’m not to fond of letting my crew members go.” Shazi replied. She gestured for Raz to follow her.

“Understandable, I wouldn’t like it if i’d like to let go of my crew were I in your shoes.” Raz followed her down the corridor to the turbo lift.

“Khronicle bay” Shazi said to the lift’s computer and it started moving.

“Sorry for any mess admiral, my chain of command isn’t very structured at the moment” Raz said quickly as they arrived at the bay holding his ship.

They boarded the U.S.S Khronicle and Shazi began her inspection. The Khronicle was the newest ship in the U.P.P.E’s fleet and was still under construction.

“Here’s the bridge ma’am. Designed by myself” Raz said excitedly.

“I’m impressed captain.” Shazi said “despite the ships incompleteness she looks amazing”

“Thank you ma’am” Raz said happily.

“Now where’s the meal area? I think I need a coffee” Shazi clapped her hands happily.

“This way ma’am” Raz beckoned her to follow.


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