Sketchbook Girl

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Part I: Ivory White




Elliot had heard those insults a thousand times before. She held her sketchbook tighter as she walked further down the hallway. No matter how many times they said it, no matter how many times they tripped her in the halls, no matter what they did, no one was getting her sketchbook.

The tormenting began two years ago when Elliot started attending East High school as a year seven student. Seventy students starting high school together and yet somehow she managed to get singled out and teased. The names her classmates had given her should have lost all meaning by now; but for Elliot, the bees sting never waned, and going to school meant pain and isolation.

Elliot was only a small girl. She had hollow ivory skin. Whenever she drew a portrait of herself, she opted for tones of ivory white and pale pink to represent her delicate flesh. She had messy platinum blond hair that she tended to sling over her right shoulder; her sketchbook often describing it as straw yellow, cream and lilac. her eyes were blue: cobalt, Kingfisher.

Elliot did many self portraits, because she didn’t have many drawing subjects. She had no friends, no one talked to her except to insult her. People other than Alexis, her designated helper, would talk to her, if she didn’t have a speech impediment. People wouldn’t say she was ugly if she didn’t have the stupid glasses. She would have friends if she was normal, but Elliot was different and she hated it.

“Well, well, well,” June Micheli,a girl who frequently tripped Elliot, spoke to her. June’s fraternal twin sister, April, was right next to her, blocking Elliot from going any further.

This happened on a daily basis, everyday Elliot would come to school, carrying her sketchbook and her vinyl backpack depicting pink butterflies and flowers. Almost without fail June and April would be waiting either at the front door or near their lockers for Elliot.

If id isn’d the retard with the budderfly back pack” April Mocked. She used Elliot’s inability to pronounce the letter t properly. Elliot kept her head low and tried a different path around them.

They weren’t going to allow that. April stuck her foot out and tripped Elliot. Elliot held her sketchbook tightly as she fell face first on the floor.

She sat up slowly and put her left hand to her face, it felt wet. She took her hand away and saw blood all over her fingers and palm.

“Elliot, you’re bleeding!” Alexis, Elliot’s helper, found her sitting on the floor with a blood nose.

Alexis was a nice woman; Elliot had drawn her on several occasions. She’d used emerald, Tasmanian grass and cats eye green for her eyes, Chocolate, Golden and burnt brown for her hair and copper, rose pink and coral orange for her skin.

Elliot was still looking at her own blood when Alexis pulled her off the ground and helped her wash up.

“There now, all better.” Alexis soothed and smiled. “What happened?” She asked her.

“I chripped.” Elliot replied. She didn’t want to specify what she tripped over. Alexis never asked for specific detail and Elliot didn’t intend on giving it.

“You need to watch where you’re going.” Alexis scolded her lightly, “Why didn’t you brace your fall?”

“My sketchbook.” Elliot held up the book, still clutched tightly in her right hand. Alexis sighed.

“C’mon Elliot, time for English,” Alexis lightly grabbed her students arm to help her up and led her to class.

Elliot hated English, because her teacher, Mr. Trevora, made her read out loud. Elliot had no trouble reading to herself, she just couldn’t get the words out at the same time as her brain read them. That and the other students always laughed at her speech impediment.

Elliot pushed her fluorescent pink glasses closer to her face and opened her book. She awaited Mr. Trevora’s call on her to read, but it never came.

Instead he called on a boy Elliot had never seen before.

“Xander Colliver, welcome to East High. Would you do the honours of reading our poem.” Mr. Trevora said. The boy nodded and stood up, her grabbed his book from the table and began to read.

Elliot stared in awe at the boy, he read the entire poem, without a mistake, not even a waver in his voice.

Elliot noted what he looked like, hoping she’d see him again. Preferably not in her English class.

Luckily for Elliot the English lesson and indeed the day passed with little incident. April tripped her again at lunch and broke her nose, but that was all. Alexis, being a qualified nurse, bandaged it up, now Elliot sounded even worse than normal.


Elliot was glad to be home. It was the only place she felt comfortable, she put down her sketchbook long enough to hug her little sister and fish her coloured pencils from her bag.

“Ellie?” Raine asked, “Whad happened do your nose?” Raine, Elliot’s younger sister was 4 years old and adored Elliot so much that she’d adopted her speech impediment, there was actually nothing wrong with Raine.

“Chripped.” Elliot replied. She sat down on one of the heavy armchairs in her lounge room and took out her sketchbook. Using her grey lead pencil she drew and oval on her page. Raine sat cross legged on the arm of Elliot’s chair and watched intently.

Every now and again Elliot would glance at her sister and pick out the appropriate colours. Crimson, vermillion and cherry red for her hair, pale, kingfisher and cobalt blue for her eyes. Raine looked exactly like Elliot did when she was younger. Only she had red hair.

When Raine worked out what Elliot’s sketch was of she squealed with joy and ran up to her room. Presumably to draw a picture of Elliot in return. One that would most likely join the many already hanging around Elliot’s room.

When Elliot finished her sketch of Raine she flipped to a fresh page. She pulled out the appropriate colours and sketched what she remembered of Xander Colliver, but it didn’t look right.

Elliot resolved to take a better look at Xander Colliver when she could.


sketchbook girl


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