Vic the Dragon Rider (quick rough draft)

This is something I am writing for my mother, but shhhhhhhh she doesn’t know about it yet. This was a very quick very rough bit of insipiration that hit me, I am still fleshing out characters and the lore of the dragons as well as their riders. Not sure where I am taking inspiration for much of this from, but I am hoping it isn’t too similar to other novels about dragons.

Vic sat in her room disappointed by the day she had just had, her Dragon Amethyst had settled into her small nest by the windowsill. Her deep purple scales glimmered in the afternoon sunlight and her green eyes watched Vic as she brooded.

Her day had started with the Dragon master, telling her that she had been underfeeding her dragon, Vic had argued that no matter how much she fed Amethyst she just wouldn’t grow but the Master would hear nothing of it, he then punished her to work in the kitchens for the day with the head cook breathing ordered down her neck; “wash this, stir that, bring that pot over here.” She wanted nothing more than to sleep for the rest of the day but she still had to study.

Grudgingly she took the large book off her the shelf above and opened it on her desk. She read the words aloud to herself, it had only been a year since she had learned to read and she was much slower at it than all the other Drakes which meant she spent far more time reading and trying to understand the work than she did getting to know her dragon. Amethyst lifted her head to see what Vic was doing and made a small purring noise. Vic looked up at her and tilted her head sideways in confusion. Amethyst opened her mouth wide and made the noise again. She was hungry.

Vic took a sheet of paper and placed it where she was at in her book before heading over to the chest at the foot of her small bed, she took out a piece of dried meat and threw it to Amethyst.

“There you go Ammy,” something to tide you over until the cooks bring us something up,” she smiled and the dragon croaked in response and gobbled the food down. Vic wiped her hands on the towel hanging over her bed frame and went back to her book. She took a deep breath and continued reading.

Dragons were once mighty creatures, the size of a cottage with a wingspan longer than a brig.

Vic paused and thought about how big that was. She glanced over to Amethyst who was staring out the window to the courtyard below. If Amethyst was that size Vic would be able to ride her like the ancient Drakes. There were still Dragon saddles in the stable that had been kept for thousands of years. She wondered what it would be like to fly like that. She sighed and resigned to the fact she would be stuck on the ground, as Amethyst was about the size of a house cat and she was not likely to get much bigger. She went back to her book.

Since the ancient giants, dragons have lost their ability to breath fire, and even their flight, though they still carry the wings of their ancestors. Drakes once rode the dragons to protect the land, their bond with the dragon was once a link of minds now little more than the attachment of a pet.

Vic frowned, that was wrong, she could often tell exactly what Amethyst was feeling, even without looking at the dragon. She wasn’t sure how it worked, she just knew. She had tried explaining that to the Dragon Master too and was told she was wrong. She closed the book, all the study was boring, why did she have to learn what dragons used to be, none of it was going to help her raise Amethyst. She put the book back on the shelf with her notebook and sat on her bed, the study could wait, Amethyst wasn’t going to raise herself.

“Amethyst,” she called the dragon over, the dragons nose twitched in recognition of the name, but she didn’t move from her nest. Vic rolled her eyes. “Ammy,” she called and the dragon perked up immediately. Amethyst glided over from her nest and onto Vic’s shoulder. She nuzzled Vic’s face and cooed for more food.

“I’m sorry Ammy, it will be a while before I can sneak some more meat up here, we have to ration it a little bit.” She stroked the dragon’s chin. She purred softly and nipped at Vic’s ear. “Wait until dinner, I will ask the cooks to bring more food next time alright?” she reasoned with the dragon, Amethyst cooed contently and settled on Vic’s shoulder.

Vic shook her head, no matter how much the dragon master and other Drakes told her otherwise, she knew Amethyst could understand her when she talked to her. She knew her name was Amethyst but only responded when Vic called her Ammy and she was reasonable when it came to food, provided Vic gave her a good enough reason. Vic sighed and stroked Ammy’s chin and the dragon purred.

“Sometimes I wish you could talk to me Ammy,” Vic said wearily.

I can a voice whispered inside Vic’s head.


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