September Update!

So I have been discussing the idea of going to University next year to study English Literature and Professional Writing and Editing in a Bachelor of Arts. Something I have considered for some time and have considered seriously. I have been out of schools for a few years now, and I have been idle in that time, (because if you ask and employer looking for work doesn’t count as doing something with yourself even though it quite obviously is.)

Since I have an anxiety problem going back out into the wild world of school is something big for me. Leaving the house and going to the outside world is not something I enjoy doing on a regular basis, and having to go out on a regular basis to sit in a room full of people makes this idea worse. Chances are I’m going to initially take the course part time. Jumping head first into something like a University course sounds like a bad idea, especially when I haven’t really been doing much. (I mean other than dealing with depression and anxiety but that’s another post entirely)

MY WRITING which is what this blog is technically about. I have been slowly plodding along on Vic the Dragon Rider and avoiding the second draft of The Guardians of Aishod because I dun wanna finish it! If I finish it the characters I love will be gone and set aside. It’s hard to finish something you have been working on for so many years, like Aishod, which I have been working on for almost 3 years now.  There is also the idea that when I am finished I will be somewhat relived as well as sad to see it go.

OH have some of my drawings since I did some of them over the last month!





One thought on “September Update!

  1. If you feel that a University course is not the best thing to do straight away, I advice that you look into your local universities and see if they are offering some short courses or a college like unit. When I started uni, I began by going through a college like course, which was designed with a bit of a year 12, and university intro course. If something like that is available I would advice taking it, as it will allow you to get refreshed from all your time outside of school, and begin to develop your understanding, and confidence in going that next step. Best of Luck – Loiabear

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