When a story get’s too big for it’s britches

So the story I was writing for my mother was originally going to be a quick, 50-75k story following  the main character. Well, it suddenly got a lot bigger than that.

The world grew from a couple of countries with a basic background to full blown histories of classes, language, espionage and culture. There was a killing and I suddenly had 4 Characters to follow, I introduced a princess and I gained 3 more points of view.

Everything just got bigger, and I can’t finish this story before my Mum’s birthday, at least not this year. This story is going to take me at least two more NaNoWriMo’s, and then another to just edit the damn thing. I have a feeling that it’s going to keep growing, and getting bigger. I will have lots notes and plans to work through.

Sometimes a story just get’s too big for it’s britches!


Also here are some characters from the novel 🙂



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