February and Vic the Dragon Rider

As my dearest Mother’s birthday approaches quickly, it dawns on me that the story I was writing for her is nowhere near finished.

Now let me be clear by what I mean by nowhere near finished. Your first reaction might be that I have written a couple of hundred words, set it aside and gone on to do other things, but in reality I believe the current word count for the story is somewhere around the 75-80 thousand mark. Now let my two statements sink in for a moment.


Sunk in?


Yes, I have written a 75,000 word story for my mother and it’s nowhere near finished yet. The story keeps getting bigger, with characters developing where I wasn’t planning for there to be a significant character. The world it has been set in has grown into one with it’s own history, laws, legends and myths. Even information misinterpreted from long ago and stories that have been butchered over the ages that they are no longer recognisable from the truth.

As much as I hate to say it, I am not getting this story done before my Mum’s birthday, but I have honestly fallen in love with it that I will likely spend a few years writing it and loving every single day I work on it.

NOW here are some pictures, because pictures are awesome

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