University – Week 4

So begins my fourth week of the first year of University. I have actually found myself in a better place than I have been in my life for some time. I am looking forward to leaving my house and going somewhere for a few hours, I am feeling inspired to write and to draw. The people I have met and just seen walking around the place have filled me with a strange sense of place in the world.

One such person is the one who inspired the featured image for this post. I have no idea this girls name, I know nothing about her yet her simple act of dancing to herself in public has inspired me to be more confident in myself, and to realise that the judgment of random people on the street doesn’t matter. I do what makes me happy, and i’ll be damned if I let some idiot whom I will likely never come across again in my life stop me!


This girl inspired me and I have no idea who she is

I find myself having a hunger to know more, about everything. I learn about cultures long dead and I care just as much about how the nobles and emperors lived and died as I do the peasants and slaves and everyone in between. I learn about psychology and how we think and that leads me to want to learn more about not just psychology but neurology and biology and that leads into chemistry and from there physics! I hunger for knowledge and to learn more, to understand the world around me and how it works. How that giant ball of exploding gasses in the sky doesn’t break itself to pieces and launch it’s atoms across the universe, how the earth, which is a smaller ball of stuff doesn’t fly off into the distance but instead circles around the exploding ball of gasses. I understand that this is gravity at work but I am so fascinated by how our ball of stuff circles around a giant ball of exploding stuff and somehow, these random circumstances have somehow resulted in me, and everything I know around me!

The universe is an infinitely amazing place that we are a part of and though my tiny lifespan may seem huge to me, it’s a tiny spec on a tiny spec of everything going on around it and that amazes me and inspires me to learn more about it.


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