Easter Break!

I am on Easter break for the next two weeks which means there are things I am finally able to catch up with!

Drawing is one of them I really need to work on, as well as working on the Cosplays I want to do for Pax Aus. Another one I want to work on is my stories that I am still writing. Vic the Dragon Rider is getting there, there are a lot of things I am trying to iron out in the story and characters that are developing faster than others. The timeline has been totally screwed and I need to rework a lot of things and sort out the timeline again which is going to take time.

I have a facebook page where I post a lot of my drawings which can be found Here! I try to post my drawings there while I am working on them, and when they are finished as well so you can see how things change from when I start a picture to when I finish it.

Looking forward to the rest of the semester and then onto the second semester!


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